Day 1 highlights

Day 1 highlights

Melbourne to Wagga Wagga

There are many highlights from Day 1 of our roadtrip from Melbourne to Wagga Wagga.

– the two hours of Wikipedia Ned Kelly fun facts before we reached Glenrowan, different versions from each of the major players, none of which are verified.

– when Tassie sneezed out the window at 80km an hour and it all blew back inside covering everybody.

– Nat and I spending 20 minutes trying to remember the word for the window in the roof of the car. Roof window? Ceiling opening?

– resting a hot coffee on top of a surprise Lindt ball in the cup holder resulting in melted chocolate on the car keys, the coffee, the console, the wet wipes and the wet wipes packet.

– driving 45 minutes out of our way to visit the bakery in Jindera that was highly recommended to us. Sure, it was tasty, but sitting on the grass verge with a sausage roll and a pie we could probably do anywhere.

– discovering later it was the pantry cafe in Jugiong we were meant to visit not Jindera.

– Googling how to play Go Fish, and then taking two hours to play one game because we used two packs of cards.

Yep, many highlights. But by far the highlight of Day One has got to be the Ned Kelly animatronics re-creation experience. 45 minutes immersed in the true and accurate story of the Kelly Gang and their last stand at Glenrowan. We were hooked, from the scene with the magician at the train station to the double agents trapped in the wine cellar, Ned Kelly himself pulling pints through to the disproportionate statues, smoke and sounds of gunfire in the backyard.

And of course everybody knows about the sparkling and colourful Disney Christmas room reveal extravaganza that comes right after the hanging. Don’t you?

Such is life.

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