Listen to me

Listen to me

New York

We do love an audio tour.

We’ve done three now; Alcatraz, Pampanito submarine in San Francisco and today in New York at the Intrepid Museum.

Every time we do an audio tour it tends to take up quite a large chunk of time. To start with, we like to synch our audio so that we’re hearing exactly the same thing at the same time.

“And go.”

“Whoops, sorry, missed it.”

“Hang on, I’ll go back. Wait, no, don’t start yours!”

Once that’s done you’d think it would be fairly straightforward. You’d think.

“Did you hear that about the solitary confinement?” I loudly asked Don at Alcatraz.


“Don! Don! Don! Don!”


“Did you hear that? About the solitary confinement?”

“That was ages ago.”

“Well if you’d heard me when I….did you just turn your thing off?”

“Yes! Because you’re talking to me!”

“Now we need to synch again!”

The eerie quiet of Alcatraz continually shattered by two Australian tourists repeatedly yelling at one another.

Today’s tour was on the Intrepid – an aircraft carrier with a fabulous collection of planes as well as a space shuttle. Yes, it was awesome. The audio tour was the ‘press a button and hold it to your ear at particular exhibits’ type. Technically we should have been able to talk and listen.

“Have you listened to the bit about the bell?” I asked.


“Ok, hang on let me listen then we can discuss. Where are you going?”

“To look at the propellor.”

“You can’t listen to that story yet, you have to wait for me to catch up.”

“Ok, well I’ll be over here in the space capsule.”

“Space capsule! I’m coming with you!”

We got so caught up in the space capsule, not to mention the Harrier jump jet, the Top Gun tomcat, multiple helicopters and the space shuttle Enterprise, that we completely forgot we even had the audio devices until they had to stop us at the exit and take them from around our necks.

Yep, audio tours. Worth every cent.

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